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Let the Holidays Begin

It's the start of the Holiday Season!  Here in KC, it has gotten very cold and damp but no snow yet.  Some if my friends have already finished - yes I said finished - their Christmas shopping.  Although I love them, these people are what I would consider somewhat on the crazy side, since I usually finish my shopping and wrapping approximately 24 hours before sundown Christmas Eve at best!  Maybe this year will be different........sigh.  I am definitely feeling the Holiday Cheer coming on so it's all good!

I haven't been able to keep up with the photos as I would like to here, but I'm always checking on my friends and followers to see what y'all are up to.  This year I am hosting Thanksgiving and we expect 20-25 folks to come eat in our modest little home. 12 of these are simply our children and their spouses or SO's, which will make this very special for all of us.  I drove a hard bargain on this as installing a new stove and oven was part of my agreement to ho…
Getting ready to load my car for a craft event today.  Wow, large quantities of soap bars (and candles) can be super heavy!  And the candles, too - Oh my aching back.... :)