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Embeds for Christmas

Last year my soap with embeds were a huge hit for the holidays.  These are mp figures that are embedded into a cp soap loaf.  This technique makes for a unique and fun bar of soap.  The poured loafs must be refrigerated to avoid the gel phase, so the mp embeds don't melt.

I'm planning to cut these tomorrow and will post pics and ingredient notes.  Stay tuned!

Let's Celebrate!

Here's a fun poll for today (no politics!)
What's your favorite type of dessert? Cake Pie Cookies Ice Cream Donuts (yes, they count) Chocolate in any form or  My favorite - "All of the above"
Happy National Dessert Day!

Cutting Soap before Baseball!

Yesterday I had a rare weekday out of the office - it was awesome!  The
weather was gorgeous here in KC and I was able to get out and enjoy it.
But of course, I couldn't let any free time go by without making some soap.  I had to get home and get it cut before the baseball game got started - GO ROYALS!!    So, here is Good Juju and Smoke & Mirrors.

S&M (haha) is a very woodsy, masculine scent from BeScented.  It's a mysterious sexy fragrance that I hope gets richer as it cures.  Crafter's Choice Americana Red oxide is the base color.  I was going for the brick red with smoky blue swirl, but it's a bit pink right now.  I hope it darkens a little.
Good JuJu is a fragrance mash up that was created accidentally.  I usually like to try my fo's out in lotion to get an idea about the aroma before soaping.  So I had some "It's Karma, Baby" from BeScented and, although I liked it, it was too much patchouli for me.  I was in a hurry (shocker) and I wan…

Problematic Packaging?

"I love packaging my soap bars almost as much as I love making them"....said NO soap maker - ever!  As we all know, it pretty much sucks up a lot of time and energy we'd much rather spend on making more soap.  But reality stinks sometimes - good presentation is as important as the soap itself.   So today I thought I'd share the basics of my method.

In the beginning I was super opposed to using shrink wrap, because I felt it went against the true appeal of natural soap.  Don't you hate it when you fret and worry over something only to realize it doesn't matter to anyone else in the least?  What I've found is that people really like the tidy, shiny look of the shrink wrapped bars, and not a single person has admonished me for using plastic as opposed to all natural packaging like I had feared.

I print my labels myself, which took a lot of tweaking to get to this point, but I really like them now.  With the holidays drawing closer, I'm trying to make my…