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Fragrance Review

JUST SCENTS:  I broke down (again) and purchased "just a few" new scents from Just Scents.  This is my first order from this company.  They have a bunch of unusual fragrances, which is usually what catches my interest.  I have several more to experiment with in the future.  
I was really excited about "Tattoo Parlor" and gave it a try in a one pound batch.  It accelerated right away, even though I added the fo to my warmed oils before the lye water.  I had to layer it in, but instead of the cool swirl I had planned, ended up with an even cooler "flag" design!  The scent is supposed to represent green soap that's used in - you guessed - tattoo parlors.  I don't know how it should smell, but this is clean, fresh and somewhat earthy and herbal.  It sort of reminds me of catnip and licorice, but in a good way!  It has not discolored at all, but the scent has faded a bit one week into the cure.  Overall, the scent is pleasant but you shouldn't plan…

Starstruck at CSW

Yep, that's me with our Soap Queen - Anne Marie of Bramble Berry! She was our first guest speaker on Saturday and demonstrated making  beer soap and a brined salt bars.  And guess who walked away with those very same soap bars plus an extra special gift from Bramble Berry?? Me!!!  
I have more photos to share but alot going on this week- so keep an eye out for additional posts coming soon.  It was the best workshop so far, so I want to give major thanks to all those who made it happen these last few years.  
Bye for now - visit again soon!   Angie

Gettin Excited!

I'm gearing up for the Central Soapers Workshop here in Kansas City this weekend - It's a two day geek fest for soapmakers hosted by the hardworking and ultra dedicated Kenna Cote of Modern Soapmaking.

It's just the BEST face to face time and hands on instruction from some of my personal soaping heros.  I'll be learning some new techniques from the awesome and inspiring Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks and the SOAP QUEEN herselfAnne Marie Faiola, founder of Bramble Berry!!  And that's just day one -Oh my Goodness.....

People -  you know these are A List soaping Celebrities, right?!
Can't wait!!  I promise to report back on all the festivities and hopefully have some great photos!

Lazy Sunny Sunday

Yesterday was a beautiful day spent hanging out at home just doing a little this and that (this is know in our house as "piddling"). Having time to piddle is a rare treat - even our kitty Lulu was enjoying a lazy afternoon.  She loves bags, boxes and even paper, and just can't resist finding a way to get in and get cozy. This is a piece of packing paper that she actually managed to slide into like a cocoon took a nice little snooze while I was putting away some new supplies!  

I've been tinkering with my shaving soap recipe - again.  The previous one is great, but so slow to cure - last time it took almost 8 weeks to really firm up.  So I made some adjustments and poured in a round silicone mold this time instead of the pvc pipe I've been using. I gave the tops a little swirly effect and they really turned our well.  The only thing is I won't be able to stamp these but maybe next time i will leave the top smooth so I can.  The lather is just as wonderful as ev…

Sweet as Honey

Hey All! Today I'm sharing a photo of a custom order I created by special request.  This is my Golden Honey soap made with locally produced organic honey and beeswax.  I use fragrance from  Majestic Mountain Sage for this particular soap recipe and it's just perfect for the overall product.  
I created this recipe to showcase the natural beauty of the honey, which provides both nourishment and protection for the the skin.  The natural sugars create abundantly creamy lather that leaves the skin feeling silky soft.  The rich clover honey scent is rounded out with just a touch of almond for a soap that's a luxurious treat to use.  
I posted photos of this soap a few weeks ago when it was first cut.  As you can see, it has cured to a dark caramel color and the fragrance has really held strong.  Although I still tend to struggle somewhat with stamping my soaps, I think this order turned out great with a true country look.  I know my customer loved it, and I plan on making som…