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A few snapshots on the run!

Hi there - time is really flying by for us these days.  My son is getting married in October (!) so we are in wedding prep mode again.  That means I'm not taking enough pics for everyone to see, so here are a few quickies.  I had an event this past weekend, so these are already packaged.

L) Cranberry Woods, made with CW fragrance from Be smells fantastic!  Fruity and rich - love it!

LL)  The Twilight Zone, made with The Comforter from Be Scented...I will have to unwrap one because this is my A-game.  It turned out awesome.  The fragrance is not what I was expecting.  The first thing i got out of the bottle was root beer.  I didn't like it.  I tried a few drops in my bathwater anyway, and wow - what a difference!  You truly feel enveloped by this fragrance, like a favorite comforter ?  I don't know, but I love this stuff.

LR)  Apple Harvest, this was a mash up of some left over Apple Spice from WSP and a new bottle of Cider Lane from Just Scent......Heavenl…