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Fun Fun Fun!

I just got my new colors I ordered from TKB Trading....they are so wonderful and bright!  I'll have alot of fun playing with them over the next few weeks.

I soaped with a few of them last night and can't wait to cut these :)  I planning to give some more detailed info about these colors when I post my photos after the cut.  


Cheap tools for soapmaking

I'm always on the lookout for great little bargains on tools I can use for soaping.  I enjoy browsing through places like Big Lots, Ace Hardware and even Goodwill/Salvation Army in search of things that can be re-purposed for my needs. Suzannemarie of Western Bee Company has started this new blog about soaping on a budget, which reminds us that inspiration can be found in places you might not think of.

Our local Ace Hardware carries a great line of silicone spatulas in lots of sizes, and you can get them for $1-2 every now and then on sale.  I've been buying my lye there since day one, and the manager now orders me a case at a discounted price.  (It never hurts to ask!)  Goodwill can be a gold mine for Tupperware or other kitchen containers that make great soap molds.  I've also discovered that you can get large condiment cups with snap on lids at Party City.  I use these for small amounts of left over soap batter and sugar scrub. They're also perfect for sample sizes …
Just Listed and Now Available in my Esty shop:
Romance Miracle Mud Facial Bar Honey Oatmeal Gulf Stream Shaving Soap Southern Sweet Tea
Check it out, folks.  Have a Happy Monday tomorrow!


It's 1:00 am...I have work tomorrow...I can't stop browsing..  please help me !

Seriously, I'm sharing two links and going straight to bed.. really...

1)  My "mentor" Kenna has launched Modern Soapmaking...Kenna is an incredible soap diva superstar, and I'm lucky to be in her galaxy!  This site is awesome!!  And timely, with my stamping concerns and all.

2) I've officially launched my itty bitty Etsy shop.  I've got a lot of work to do, but it's operational  :)
Shop at:

Good Night!

Newest Batch

Here's my most recent batch, cut this weekend.  Made with Bramble Berry's "Ancient Sedona" and annatto seed,  indigo and a copper mica pencil line and top.  The indigo looks more green than blue right now.  I was trying for a landscape type of look.  The scent is strong and fresh yet earthy; well suited to either men or women. This one turned out nicely, I think!

I'm hoping to do more this weekend.  :)

Success and Epic Fail!

I tried out some new fragrance oils over the weekend, as well as tried the CPOP method.  Here's how they turned out:
No 1 - I was planning to add 2 oz buttermilk and totally forgot, so my liquid was discounted by 2 oz in a 1 pound oil batch!  I was worried it would be ruined, but amazingly it seems ok.  ??  The scent is very fresh and pleasant, and it's pretty hard already, but that's to be expected, I guess. Not sure what will happen during cure time...
No 2 - Love the fragrance and the look here.  Very unisex.
No 3 - My first attempt at CPOP.  It was nice and firm when I cut it.  This fo is expected to darken, so the purple and white colors are not scented.  I LOVE the watching every day for color change.  I like this method, although I've been told it's not to be used with milk recipes.  I'm planning on trying this again.
No 4 -  This seized within seconds - which has never happened to me...I was prepared to attempt a mantra swirl so had a divider …