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Maiden Voyage into HP

This is my very first attempt at hot process soaping.  I needed to have a few new batches ready in a as short a time as possible, so I tried it last night.  It's an unusual process to adapt to if you're used to doing cold process.  But, very efficient!  I had this 2 lb batch of lavender soap in the mold and cleaned up in about an hour.  The only drawback for me is the lack swirling, etc.  I'd bet with practice layering could be accomplished down the road. The top seemed like alligator scales and I was afraid it would crumble, but it didn't.  I even scraped the pot down and had a big "dragon's egg" sized soap ball, too!

All in all I think I will be able to incorporate HP into my routine recipes, like oatmeal and shaving soap that don't have colors added.   Tonight I did a 1 lb batch of mineral mud soap.  Typically I swirl with titanium dioxide but couldn't do it on this.  I'm excited to cut it tomorrow and see how it turned out.

Market Day

Day II at the Market was wonderful.  The weather was super spectacular and business was great.  I didn't get a chance to post the pics of my lotions bars before today...they sold out!  They were such a hit, I will be making more this week.  

        Happy Mother's Day
             to all of us moms out there - we rock!  

Salt Bars and Soap Decks

Howdy!  This is my third attempt at salt bars.  I love the idea of salt bars, but haven't had much success with them myself.  I wanted these for a special event coming up, so gave it another try.  My main trouble has been cutting them into a decent looking bar, so this time I poured them individually into a silicone mold, and they popped out with no problem.  These are scented with Coconut Lime from Sweet Cakes and smell soooo good!  I think they look like frozen margaritas.  They lather like crazy and I think they'll be popular sellers.  Have any of you had success with salt bars, or do you have any tips for making them?

I'm also taking these new soap decks to the market with me this weekend.  My hubby made them for me and I did the color washes and staining.  I think they're pretty cute, but, as you can see, we couldn't decide on the number or placement of drain holes! Hopefully the last minute Mother's Day shoppers will snap them up.  

Happy Stamping

I had it on good authority that Lasercutz on Etsy is the place to get a custom made soap stamp.  I've tried a couple of others before but have had more than a bit of trouble with stamping.   Not to be deterred from a mission, I finally turned to Dave at Lasercutz.  He was able to create a stamp based on my logo that another company was unable to produce.  I could not be happier with the results!  As you can see here, even stamping challenged souls like me can get wonderful results with a little practice.  I also found that rubbing the stamp with a little glycerin left a clean imprint and easy release from the soap bar.

I got so excited I took this pic with my phone and the lighting was obviously terrible!  This is the blue soap made with the imprint mats from my previous post - the actual color is much richer - it looks grey here :(, love, love this stamp and can't wait to use it more and more!

If you're thinking about purchasing a stamp, be sure to talk to …