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?? On a Stick!

In case you weren't aware, today is National "Something On a Stick Day"!  You have my permission to indulge in something that you normally wouldn't... maybe a veggie kabob, a corndog, a steak and potato kabob, a hotdog grilled on an open campfire ..what about a toasty get the idea.

For my soapy friends - please NO soap on a stick!  (it's happened to all of us, but we are swearing it off for today.)

Have a great weekend and be creative with a "sticky" treat today.  If you really get inspired by originality- share a photo!

Workshop was Kickin!!

My conference weekend was sa-weet!  Won a great raffle prize, scored a super duper swag bag, chatted with some cool guy and gal soapers, then and stayed home all day on Monday and  - what else - made soap!  I had planned on making a beer soap this weekend for the first time, and guess what the first demonstration of the day was?? Yep, beer soap... So I tried it today - here's how it turned out:

If any of you have ever attempted this type of soap, you know that the beer smells absolutely horrible when mixed with the lye!  Seriously - it's BAD.  But..I have been assured it will cure out and I will be left with a "nutty wheat" fragrance.  I added some Bay Rum and black cherry (just a touch) to the batter, hoping for a nice rich and fruity scent.  We shall see, because it's still pretty stinky (my hubby said it smells like an old dirty wash cloth! Nice.)   I have to say, the soap batter was a silky smooth caramel type consistency and was a dream to play around with.


Meeting of the Minds

It's almost Friday!  I'm really looking forward to attending the Central Soapers Workshop that's happening here this weekend.  This is the second year of the workshop, organized and presented by the fabulous Kenna of Modern Soapmaking.  I've mentioned Kenna in my blog before...she's a superstar soaper and runs a local full time soap business  - a true entrepreneur in our field!  I feel so fortunate that this conference is based right here in Kansas City and I'm able to attend.  I met a ton of awesome people last year, and this year should be even bigger.  Free swag bags and generous prize drawings for all participants, soap labs and business presentations are all part of the weekend.

Maybe - just maybe - some of you could make the trip to good old KC and attend next year's workshop with think about it!  I should be able to get some photos to post next week to help tempt you into coming!  Plus, you know we've got good BBQ - that should be enough…

New links

Hey everyone!  I've done a little remodeling here and added some links to other blogs and video channels I admire in the right side column...Enjoy and know I'm planning on adding more.   I'm still very much a blogging newbie, so I'm happy to take suggestions and ideas about ways I can improve my site and share the love.

Happy Hump Day!

Crock Pot Soap Tutorial

Ok - I have never tried HP soaping, but  I think this is a really good tutorial from DIY Natural that seems simplified enough for me to consider attempting it.   So I ask my experts -  What do you guys think?    I don't know why I feel intimidated by HP, because it seems everyone who does it loves it.   I guess you loose the ability to do many swirls and such, which is were I get alot of my soaping satisfaction, each batch is a mystery until you cut it and I always feel excited to see what I find.  :)    HP soapers, give me some advice and tell me why you love this method....!

Two more fresh scents

Two more fresh little bars are making their Etsy debut tonight.  4 Leaf Clover and Northwoods just went up - if you can't tell, today's the day I finally got some cured bars packaged and listed.  My photography is still in need of some improvement, but it works for now.  Time...there's never enough of it!   Thanks for looking and sharing my passion for silly little soap bars.  I'm glad there's alot of us out there to make this world a cleaner and better smelling place!

Dressed and Ready for Etsy

Remember the Lavender and Amber soap I did a few weeks ago?  I knew it was going to darken due to the fragrance, and here are the bars now after the full cure.  They are indeed dark, but it suits the fragrance perfectly  I think they ended up with an interesting and exotic look. The shaving soap is also fully cured.  I love the round bars but they prove to be challenging to package because I love using pretty coordinating paper.  So I think I landed on a good idea for them and I like the rustic look.  It seems I'm never fully satisfied with my packaging and am always trying new ideas, but I do like this for the round bars.  How do you do your packaging?  To me it's as much fun as making the soap because it's the final touch that gives the soap it's "personality".  
How do you do your packaging - simple or more decorative?  I enjoy getting the perspective of others  :)

Soapmaking in Macedonia

Browsing around over lunch time today I came across some beautiful photos by Diva Soap and wanted to share.  She has a lovely blog and nice photography.

It always amazes me that all over the world there are soapers who create such beautiful products. We all share the same love of soap, skin care and fragrance yet live in such different cultures.  It's just very cool! Thank you Maja for your inspiration!

Yowza - Raging Raspberry!

I just cut these this evening (we are having a big snow and ice storm this weekend so I'm shut in with nothing but time...which never happens so I'm enjoying it!).  Well.....the new colors from TKB Trading are certainly impressive.  They have alot of pigments premixed in glycerin, which is what I've got here in "Raging Raspberry" - and it's no joke!  I got this super bright color with just a few drops.  The fragrance is  Red Currant and Thyme, again from ND.  The scent is wonderful and so far
I don't have pink bubbles :)

Can you tell I'm really ready for spring? !
More TKB colors here, scented with Lavender Green Tea from BB.  It's a nice alternative to boring lavender - sweet and fresh.  It's a winner.

Check out TKB if you're bored with your same old colors - there are a ton of choices and the prices are extremely affordable for dabbling in something new.  Kevin Devine - thanks for turning me onto this company and sharing your videos wit…


I forgot to and post these...I did these two weeks ago.  The left one is the best luck I've had so far with colors. And would you believe - the fragrance is actually called "Scarlet" from  New Directions and it's sooo good!  It was meant to be.  In keeping with the theme of GWTW I think I'll name it "Tomorrow..Is Another Day".  I know - so dramatic!   I just couldn't resist.   Middle: Orange Grove from Bramble Berry.  It's soft and fruity and contains grated orange peel for a little scrubbyness.   Right:  A blend called Cucumber Lemon - with Meyer Lemon and Cucumber, both from New Directions.  I'ts pretty strong and has some dehydrated cucumber peel in it as well.

I really like New Directions, they have lots of great cosmetic bases and a good variety of clays and other cool additives, and the quality of their products is outstanding.  Unfortunately, they have recently changed their policy to a $100 minimum order, so it will be awhile before…


Today I was happily making a wonderful batch of soap and got it into the mold with some nice swirls.  All is well and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.  Then I realized I'd forgotten to add the fragrance, which I was really pumped about trying in the first place.  Luckily I was able to quickly dump it out, scent it and repour.  What a mess!  In the end the swirls were gone baby gone, but it smells great now and the top has a little color contrast saved.  A day in the life........mistakes are just part of it and that's how we learn.  Anyone else out there have a blunder story to share?