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"The Challenged One" has won this round with the blog!  (But as Scarlett says:  "Tomorrow is another day"!)   And so I move forward in triumph!  :)


                        "Happy Lemongrass" with avocado oil (yellow)
                                "Ginger Papaya" with mango butter (tan)

                  are fully cured and ready to make someone very "Happy"! 

I have 3 oz bars of each and 1 oz baby bars of HL. These smell fantastic and are both super conditioning for the skin. Feel free to contact me by email link with any questions about these wonderful little bars.

Soap Fact:What does curing mean?  Curing is the natural drying and finishing process necessary to produce a great bar of handmade soap.  A 4-6 week cure time allows the soap to properly harden for a longer lasting bar and reach it's full potential of excellence!

Ok, it seems I've had some issues here with allowing comments.  Didn't I already say I was challenged in this area?  I think (I hope) I have fixed my issue.   My dear friends - please attempt to comment - again!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Well, it was back to the real world for me today - back to work.  I'm fortunate to work with some really great ladies who support my soap making habit with encouragement and enthusiasm.  I had quite a few requests before the holidays for gift baskets containing lotions, soaps and candles.  It was fun putting them together and they turned out to be simple and adorable. (well, they were!) 

Speaking of Christmas, I had the pleasure of participating in a small craft event in the town of Robinson, KS.  What a cool little town!  Their town museum hosted an open house and invited me to set up a booth for the event.  I may have met my future protege there, Miss Daisy.  Daisy is 10 years old and my friend Vivica's granddaughter.  We hit it off quite nicely.  She began smelling all my soaps and scrubs and confessed her love of "things that smell good"!  We were a perfect match.  She jumped right in and started handing out samples of the sugar scrubs and then led folks over to p…

Thank You!

It looks like I've got things up and running!  Not bad for a novice.  Special Thanks are due to my girls, who have encouraged me and helped be get this media ball rolling.  

Thank You Jordyn, Emily and Mandy!  I definitely could not have done this without your help and love.  I have awesome children!

Soap Making Extravaganza!

I've spent most of the past few days in a frenzy of soapmaking - 8 different batches to be exact!  To my pleasant surprise, the Christmas season depleted nearly every bar of soap in my inventory.  This is good, but now it's back to the workshop for me.  I took some well deserved time off this weekend and spent several days in my own little world of soap!

Here's a sample of what I've done so far - I'm really excited -  they all seem to have turned out beautifully and should be available in early March.  Anyone interested in pre-ordering, please email me or message me on my Facebook page.  (I must admit I'm slightly challenged in the social networking world at the moment.  But will improve every day, right?!)