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Enticing 'Soap Porn" That's Worth a Peek...

Hey All - In surfing for my photo fix today, this incredible offering from
New England Handmade Artisan Soaps  literally stopped me in my tracks!   This soap bar is simply breathtaking.  Miss Dana's work is outstanding and her blog is thoroughly helpful and, of course, very, very pretty. I enjoy giving  props to other soapers who could teach us all a thing or two .... Drop by her site and get an eyefull - it's worth it!

Dreams vs Fantasy

We seem to be constantly bombarded by inspirational messages these days thanks to social media.

"Dream Big" and all the variations on this theme, seem to be the most prevalent.  "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough".  Well, says who?  We craftsmen are dreamers at heart, no doubt.  But I've been struggling lately.  I came across an opportunity in the local soap world a few days ago that is awesome.  A huge thing really. My best dreamy friend, who I love so dearly and has been my biggest champion, says go for it - Don't you want to live your passion?  Grab for the ring, don't look back, everything will work itself out,- she rallied me up into gung ho gear, but the more I think about it, I feel it's just not for me.  Reality says I don't have the financial means to do this, plain and simple.  Passion comes in second to finances.  So I've been contemplating this dreaming thing and I've reached the conclusion that …

Road Trip Anyone?

As you may know by now, I'm a big Gone With the Wind geek.  The University of Texas at Austin is celebrating the film's 75th anniversary with an exclusive behind the scenes exhibition that looks amazing. For me, this event is not to be missed, so I'm passing on the juicy details for anyone else out there who loves this iconic movie as much as I do.  

Incidentally, the film contains a scene in which Scarlett, poverty stricken after the war and struggling to keep her beloved Tara intact, pitches in with the soapmaking for the plantation.  Her vow to "never be hungry again" is taking a toll, but Scarlett is just getting warmed up for the colossal schemes she's plotting to unleash on Atlanta.  Proof positive that "stirring the soap" really does give a girl a chance to dream.... :)

Oh Honey - You're so Sweet!

Since I was approached with a fairly large custom order to showcase some locally produced honey,  I've been doing alot of  research for tips on making soap with honey and beeswax.  Thanks to a fabulous video featuring a honey soap project by Jenny of I'd Lather be Soaping, I was able to pull it off. (Jenny's videos are so informative, she makes everything seem like a breeze! Be sure to tune in and follow her you tube channel.)

I learned I should be prepared for some extra heat because of the sugar in the honey, so I didn't attempt to gel the soap - it went straight  into the fridge for 24 hours.  Lining my loaf mold and topping it with bubble wrap gave me the look I was hoping to achieve.   The soap is free of any colorants, and scented with  "Honey and Shea" from WSP.  I've used this fo in candles before, but it really comes alive in CP soap.  If you close your eyes and smell these soap bars, you get the vision of a big goey slab of honeycomb glistening…

Heads up!

Last week I came across a fantastic closeout sale on some really great goodies, so I thought I'd share...
Nature's Garden has some lovely vinyl bags and shower puffs available for a steal of a price.  I just got my shipment and I'm happy as can be!  The bags are a nice quality with a large scrubby sponge included, and will easily hold two or more large soap bars or lotions, etc.  I' ordered a bunch, and I'm all stocked up for holiday gift ideas! NG won't be restocking these items, so don't miss out! You can thank me later...:)