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Mini Me?!

Last weekend my niece, Cheyene, wanted to spend the day with me at the farmer's market.  I was happy to have the company, but being 12, figured she might get bored pretty quickly and wish she'd stayed in bed that morning.  She proved me wrong in so many ways!  This little lady helped me set up and tear down my booth, enjoyed interacting with customers and the other vendors (she has her own garden, so she was talking shop about peppers and tomatoes!) and had some great marketing ideas.  But the best was the way she LOVES the soap.  She, like me, is unable to stop handling and smelling the soaps and candles. She positioned and re-positioned the table, made me some signs and was generally in a new happy place.  She asked me to teach her how to make soap, and went through all my fragrance oils and pretty much cleaned out my scrap closet when we got home!  Cheyene lives with her family in Springfield, so we don't get to see her very often.  These last few weeks have been tough …