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In a Quandry over Packaging:

I'm trying to decide on a different packaging method.  Until now I've using the cigar band method and tying in cello bags...

these are cute but I'm not really satisfied with the end result.  I love the look of fancy paper wrapped soaps but, then of course, you can't see how pretty the soap is!

So last night I messed around and came up with this idea..
Making a paper pouch that reveals about 1/3 of the bar allowed me to experiment with the pretty paper and ribbon, see the soap itself, and keep the soap open to the air.  They are folded in at the bottom as you would a shirtbox.  The soap can be easily removed and replaced, and no cello.  It really didn't take me any longer to do it once I figured out my folding strategy and heated up the glue gun. I think it will make a nicer presentation at a vendor booth, etc. with alot less bulk and glare.  I just shipped these bars today and they looked very nice nestled in tissue paper - I should have taken a pic!  oh well  I w…

Passionate about fair pricing

I found this excellent post about pricing handmade soap. We sometimes run into folks who scoff at the prices of our soap bars, but really don't know what goes into the art of soapmaking.  Please read this well said, passionate essay - thanks for representing us all, Suzannemarie!  And your soap is beautiful!

Why we're gaga over oils and butters

If you've ever wondered why we think handmade soap is so special - check out this article from Bramble Berry's Soap Queen.  It's a reader friendly synopsis of preferred soaping oils, their individual characteristics and benefits to the skin.  Definitely worth a read for shopper's research or a quick refresher course for soapers.   Beginners Guide by the Soap Queen
I'd love to hear from other soapers out there, too.   Do you have a special ingredient that you really love to add to your recipes?   Two of my favorites are coconut milk and mango butter.  Both provide superb nourishing and softening results in cp soap :)

Fresh soap on the curing rack...

These three batches were just made about 10 days ago, and used in my recent photo shoot for Zaarly.  This photo was taken just after the pour, and then they were put to bed for saponification.  From top to bottom:  Smiley Face and Sea Glass (both contain whole cream!) and Bamboo Grapefruit (with coconut milk).  They all smell wonderful!

After cutting; at this stage of curing, Smiley Face (far right) has unfortunately changed from the bright yellow you see above to a rather dark caramel color. This can happen due to vanilla content in the fragrance oils used, and is not unusual or bad at all.  I wanted this to be original, so I did a scent blend of  Baby Bee Buttermilk, and Honeydew Pear.  The soap still smells just as sweet and happy as before, so the name is staying despite the color morph!   These bars will be fully cured and available in mid August.


Wow - it's been forever since my last post here!  We just wrapped up our super busy summer with Emily transitioning back home for her semester of student teaching and Jordyn getting married and moving into a new place with my new son-in-law, Banon Cox!  So, my goal is to do more regular postings from now on.  Sometimes I fall short of my goals, but I'm always willing to try my best  :)  Here are some updates on Sweet Scarlett Soap:

1)  My time with our friends at Cowtown Mallroom has ended.  It was a fun experience, and I spent every penny I made and more on awesome flea market finds - Oops!

2)  I am officially working with the fabulous Zaarly team. I feel so very fortunate to be part of the KC Zaarly family!   Anyone may purchase my soap there, and find lots of very cool locally made products of all kinds.  There are a few other talented soap makers there as well.  Please take a moment visit my storefront and the entire extraordinary KC community:…