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Hey Y'all!  I'm in the process of preparing for two events in November and still have so much to do it seems.
I wanted to post these pictures of soap now available - especially since blogger is still not working correctly for text changes.  So here they are:

These soaps are all well suited for men or women - and celebrate the autumn season that's finally here.
Zanzibar - Fo is BB Zanzibar spice - exactly what you would expect - lots of rich decadent spices with warm sandalwood tones.  This was my very first attempt at the "spoon swirl" method. 
Moonstruck - FO - Sweetcakes Spiced Plum - again a rich and sexy fragrance with a touch of fruity goodness. Reminds me of a creepy misty moonlight sky, on a perfect Halloween night!
Gold Rush - Fo blend - Sweetcakes Ginger Essence and Honey Beeswax.  Love the scent on this one! Yum  I have some more batches curing - will post later.  Take care everyone :)
My very first attempt at using embeds in cp soap - I'm really pleased with the outcome!  Scent is a blend I made up:  gingersnap cookie (WSP) orange essential oil (just a touch) and italian biscotti (NG).  It smells AMAZING and I'm hoping it will darken some.  :)

Special thanks to Jenny at "I'd Lather Be Soaping" and her superb youtube tutorial about using embeds - Terrific video!

Based on the responses I've gotten from the photo alone it looks like I'd better get busy making some more for holiday sales!!

Blogging problems

Good morning and TGIF!!  I have some changes to my availability list, but am unable to make them as there is a problem with Google Blogger - hopefully in the process of being fixed soon. (Fifty Shades, Dark Side, Cedarwood Citrus and Herbal Mint are all sold out!)  Here are a few pics of a couple of new items - gotta get going to the 9-5.

This is just a quick note to let you all know that my storefront with Zaarly KC is coming to an end.  Sadly, I won't be working with them after October 15.  Anyone who has shopped or purchased from my Zaarly store, Thank You! and please contact me here or by email for any future purchases or product information.  I have also opened an Etsy store in the last month, and plan to have lots more listings in the near future.  That's all for now.  Obviously the pictures didn't happen this weekend :(  but are still on the horizon.