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A Must Try method

Oh my goodness - I saw this idea over the weekend and made the soap last night.  I couldn't wait to get home and cut it - and it turned out better than I had hoped!  Sincere thanks and a grateful shout out to Tatania's Dreamy Delights all the way Down Under (sorry, I couldn't resist) for sharing this method on her blog.  LOVE the look of these!  Give it a try, if you haven't already, and you'll love it, too.  

Wine and Beer Soaps

I was able to get some nice light this morning and snapped some shots of my wine and beer soaps.  I'm hosting a vendor table at the Holy Field Winery Ladies Night Out on May 22, and made three different wine soaps for them.  I used their Tailgate White and Kaw River Rhine as 100% liquid - they turned out wonderfully fragrant with natural golden color.  I did use a little titanium dioxide for a subtle swirl, but nothing else.  Three batches are scented with BB's Pinot Grigio and Summer Fling frag oils, and a blend of WSP's Chardonnay and Melon Ball frag oils.  The lather is sooo creamy and soft - I'm very pleased with the end                                                         result and excited for the event!

This is the first opportunity I've had to photograph my beer soap, too. So here it is!  This was made with Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat and scented with a blend of ND's Bay Rum accented with WSP's Black Cherry fo's. 

Again, no colorants exce…

It's so late....

I just cannot seem to stop myself from surfing the net until all hours of the night!  Tonight it's been rather enjoyable to snack on some popcorn and while I did, and I found another really great blog I want to share.  The Curious Soapmaker is super fun and informative, lots of recipes and ideas.  I'm pretty excited that I ran across it.  Yay!  Everyone should check it out if you haven't already.

Now it's off to bed..I might need to clean up my keyboard in the morning.  I guess popcorn and typing is not that great of an idea.  Who knew.  Tomorrow I want to attempt a salt bar recipe so better rest up!

Gearing up for Market Season

It's finally feeling like typical Kansas/Missouri fashion, it was 80 degrees on Saturday and dropped to 35 by Sunday night! Nevertheless, the farmers market season is fast approaching - only two more weeks.  These babies are curing as we speak and smell out of this world.  I've still got to paint my metal display pieces and I should be good to go.  I have so many ideas in my head I can't seem to narrow them down to try in real life.  Last year was my first experience in the market venue and, while I got lots of compliments on my set up, I'd really like to increase my sales this year.

        I've heard it said that you should design your market space just as you would in a store or boutique.  To me, I think simplicity is the way to go in a market setting.  My plan this year is to have one unwrapped bar of each scent displayed up front, and baskets with the packaged bars grouped together in the background, or maybe on another table. Confessio…

New Blogs to Love!

I was just introduced to this terrific blog - Handmadeology.  I don't think one can ever have too much helpful guidance in our line of work.  Can't wait to dig into this awesome resource a little deeper!

In addition, Creative Chaos by the talented Lois Harris showcases not only her super soaping skills, but her generosity in sharing tons of other lovely blogs as well.  Thanks, Lois - I added your link in my list of faves....:)

Lunch break is TTFN Everyone!

Squeezing it all in

This week has been all about family, which is always a good thing.  Lots of reasons to get together.  But of course, I have a project deadline approaching and I am the Queen of Procrastination.  I'm creating a gift basket for a silent auction as part of a vendor/charity event I'll be doing at the winery.  Planning to include several soap bars (including a wine soap, of course), a painted wine glass, scented candle, lotion bar and body butter.   I've found an outstanding body butter base from New Directions (paraben free) that I customize with a few special additions - it always turns out beautifully.   I also like container candle making (soy wax), but sometimes have trouble getting them strong enough to suit me.  They can be tricky for me.  Do any of my blogging friends sell gift sets like this?  I think they're fun to put together, but wondered if you soapers also make candles?  I could use some tips.

I can tell I'm getting very tired because I feel like I'm …

It's the little things in life....

Today was full of exciting firsts.  My farmers market plans that I had my heart set on fell through a couple of weeks ago.  Don't you think that when you call for vendor information they should provide accurate information?  So I'd been considering another venue, however I was concerned about getting a TID for another state - Kansas City sits on the state line of Kansas and Missouri.  I live in KS and the venue is, of course, in MO.   Anyway, I was able to get my new licensing taken care of with ease today.  This is the first time I've encountered such nice people who were happy to help in a government office setting- no offense, but you know how it can be.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I'm hoping my vendor application goes through by weeks end and I will feel much better when it's settled.

Now, this evening - I intended to work on soap packaging.  That didn't happen but Hubby and I ended up organizing my storage and curing space, so it's way better now.  I…

Balancing the Possibilities

Many soapers like myself aren't living the dream of operating a full time soap business.  We have other types of work and careers that must remain top priority to pay the bills and keep our families going.  Those of us who are taking a shot at soaping as a side business have to squeeze out the extra time for it in rather creative ways. We can't be profitable if we aren't working at it several hours a week.  I'd venture to say many of us are in that same boat.

I've done alot of thinking this weekend about moving forward in a new marketplace this season, and had another wonderful opportunity offered out of the blue.  Lots of exciting things are happening, but this also brings with it a degree of fear and anxiety for me.  I have a wonderfully supportive husband, but why do I immediately worry about failing?  I swear I have a dozen batches of soap curing right now and lots more already packaged and waiting, but still I fear I "won't have enough"!  When I …