Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Thursday, January 31, 2013


 "The Challenged One" has won this round with the blog!  (But as Scarlett says:  "Tomorrow is another day"!)   And so I move forward in triumph!  :)


                        "Happy Lemongrass" with avocado oil (yellow)
                                "Ginger Papaya" with mango butter (tan)

                  are fully cured and ready to make someone very "Happy"! 

I have 3 oz bars of each and 1 oz baby bars of HL. These smell fantastic and are both super conditioning for the skin. Feel free to contact me by email link with any questions about these wonderful little bars.

Soap Fact:  What does curing mean?  Curing is the natural drying and finishing process necessary to produce a great bar of handmade soap.  A 4-6 week cure time allows the soap to properly harden for a longer lasting bar and reach it's full potential of excellence!


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