Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In a Quandry over Packaging:

I'm trying to decide on a different packaging method.  Until now I've using the cigar band method and tying in cello bags...

these are cute but I'm not really satisfied with the end result.  I love the look of fancy paper wrapped soaps but, then of course, you can't see how pretty the soap is!

So last night I messed around and came up with this idea..
Making a paper pouch that reveals about 1/3 of the bar allowed me to experiment with the pretty paper and ribbon, see the soap itself, and keep the soap open to the air.  They are folded in at the bottom as you would a shirtbox.  The soap can be easily removed and replaced, and no cello.  It really didn't take me any longer to do it once I figured out my folding strategy and heated up the glue gun. I think it will make a nicer presentation at a vendor booth, etc. with alot less bulk and glare.  I just shipped these bars today and they looked very nice nestled in tissue paper - I should have taken a pic!  oh well  I would appreciate any feedback you could provide me!  Anyone?....

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  1. I really like the boxes! It is such a nice way for people to be able to see the product and be attracted to the packaging as well. Also it looks very eco-chic and original. And so fun to get to choose the paper wrap for each bar!