Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fragrance Review

JUST SCENTS:  I broke down (again) and purchased "just a few" new scents from Just Scents.  This is my first order from this company.  They have a bunch of unusual fragrances, which is usually what catches my interest.  I have several more to experiment with in the future.  

I was really excited about "Tattoo Parlor" and gave it a try in a one pound batch.  It accelerated right away, even though I added the fo to my warmed oils before the lye water.  I had to layer it in, but instead of the cool swirl I had planned, ended up with an even cooler "flag" design!  The scent is supposed to represent green soap that's used in - you guessed - tattoo parlors.  I don't know how it should smell, but this is clean, fresh and somewhat earthy and herbal.  It sort of reminds me of catnip and licorice, but in a good way!  It has not discolored at all, but the scent has faded a bit one week into the cure.  Overall, the scent is pleasant but you shouldn't plan a fancy design with this - it may be better suited for a solid color bar.

CANDLE SCIENCE:   I had this fragrance of "Driftwood" for awhile now. I tried it in soy wax and it's very strong and I like it alot.  I finally took time to try it in cp soap.  It smells great - very fresh with a masculine spice - Nice.  I had plenty of time to work with colors and when I cut it (left) it looked awesome and I was really pleased with the swirls.

But.... within 24 hrs the fo was starting to seep out the top of the bar.  I used 1 oz for this one pound batch but it was too much I can now see. And here we are one week out, and it is already turning very dark, and the extra fo did not absorb back into the bars (despite blotting with a   paper towel several times).  The scent has remained strong without morphing, but the tops are disappointing, dark and spotted.  :(  

I don't think I will try this one in cp again..Great in soy candles and maybe it's better suited for mp soap.

Final Decision:  My hubby will be using these for a few months!  I'm lucky he's such a great sport.

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