Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Monday, February 11, 2013

Check out these Beauties!

It's been a while, hasn't it?  Life is busy these days, what with wedding planning (my daughter Jordyn!) and family activities lately, I'm overdue for a post.   I've been learning to stamp my soap bars - and that sounds much easier than it is - at least for yours truly.   I spent some time yesterday playing with the stamps.  I think they've turned out pretty well for a virgin stamper!

Strawberry Smoothie Shea Butter Soap
Strawberry Smoothie contains buttermilk and shea butter for super skin softening.  Poppy seeds and dried orange peel add
a gentle but effective scrubbing effect.  The scent is like a rich
strawberry milkshake..yummy!

Shaving Soap
Sexy Smooth Shaving Soap is simply awesome!  Bentonite clay adds the perfect slip to this all natural bar for the closest shave possible.  Tea tree oil and colloidal oatmeal condition and protect skin from irritation.  Love it!               

You Sexy Thing! - For Men

You Sexy Thing! is loaded with natural Cocoa Butter, leaving your man feeling smooth and smelling HOT!  Ladies, you'll thank me later - I promise! 

Please contact me if you're interested in pre-ordering!  I'd love to hear from you all, especially with some good feedback!


  1. These are so cute! But I'm having trouble finding your contact info ??

  2. Thank you for your interest and leaving your feedback. I believe I've to the link fixed. Upper left under the title should get you to me!