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A glimpse into my personal life

Ethan and Lydia at Nonnie and Pop's
As everyone knows by now - I really like making soap - duh!  I thought I'd share a little more about us - our family.  My hubby and I have a large, busy blended family and already have 2 grandchildren - despite our amazingly young appearance (wink)!  There is always something goin on at our house or with our grown kids.  This past week we kept Ethan and Liddy while their mom and dad took a much deserved break.  Being "Irish twins", Ethan is 2 and Liddy is 1. Needless to say they kept us moving for several days!  It's exhausting, but soo much fun!  It really is true that being a grandparent is all about the love and good times. The stress and worry of being a parent is no longer there and it's just pure enjoyment for everyone (most of the time!). We have six kids together, so there should be a whole passel of babies one day.
What Mom and Dad came home to!

And here I am over the July 4th weekend, happily peddling my soaps.  I know it's cliche, but life really is so good and we are so fortunate!


  1. It's great to share that little slice of your life, Angie, thank you. As a soap maker, and as a business person, it's important to me that I build my persona and values into my craft and activities. I guess there's a chicken-egg, yin-yang relationship somewhere in there that I'm just too tired to extricate at the moment. ;)

    1. Ha - Tired is a way of life - mine at least!

  2. Cute grandkids! You are very fortunate.


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