Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cutting Yesterday's Work

I told you I was very excited to get this soap cut, and it was a little softer than normal once I got started! Needless to say I powered through and I'm pleased with them.  My photography skills, or lack of, are sad and I don't think I do them justice...I'm glad I'm not trying to sell pictures  LOL!

GM Amber Musk (Officially Unnamed)
And Purple Haze (Rt-obviously!)
Lakeshore Breeze  and  Aria
I should have know that the more I worry about something it always seems to work out, and you can see that I definitely got purple!  The swirl didn't turn out that great but it still looks pretty good considering how much extra color I added.  I think the name is perfect as the scent is rather intoxicating.  The goat's milk smells wonderful and I like the effect I got on top, although I may get a little soda ash but that's ok.  The Aria is is fairly plain to look at, the FO seems to have yellowed the soap just a little, but the fragrance is sensational!

The Lakeshore Breeze is the best swirl of the day - a pretty good example of the Holly swirl (for more about this technique check out this video demonstration by Ozymndius (Youtube).  His is spectacular and fun to watch.  I'd like to try this again, I think I can improve with a little more practice.  BTW the fragrance is eye-popping fresh!  That's it for today - my family is hungry once again!

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