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Playing with the new scents!

Ok folks, here are my trial batches (1 lb each) I made today to test these new fragrance oils from Sweet Cakes Soapmaking Supplies.  I'm really happy with them!

First up:  The name of this scent is "Shedonism"!  I love this name, but might go with something like "Goddess".  Idk.  The scent was very strong when I mixed it, so I only used .5 oz for this pound of oils.  It smells very nice but I should have used more after all.  It's rather floral, but with a striking earthy undertone. I was able to use a double color swirl using alkanet root and annatto seed - no trace acceleration!  I'm excited to see this one cut!

Next:  "Silver Mountain Water"  Amazing men's scent that is outdoorsy and sexy.  This smells very upscale so far.  I used the entire 1 oz for this batch; it smells great and I hope it sticks through the cure. I used activated charcoal for color with plenty of time for swirling.  Very, very nice!

Third:  "Magnolia"  Since Scarlett is a Southern Belle, I've been looking for a magnolia, but have feared a sickly sweet, old lady scent. No way with this one!  I used about .75 oz; it's very strong and floral with maybe a little lemon tone to offset the sweetness. Love the scent, modern and upscale, and it should hold up through the cure.  I used WSP's neon pink  for a touch color, but only a tiny bit; I could have used more. Also, I poured scent in both color pots and the pink really sped up on me and riced a little since it was such a small amount of batter.  Next time will add the fragrance first to get a better swirl, this one was a little gloppy.  
L-Shedonism    R-Silver Mtn
L-Silver Mtn    R-Magnolia

Overall Fragrance Score - A !  I'm excited to cut them - will post pics.


  1. Looks like fun Angie! The scents you chose sound great! I love testing new scents and colours :) one of my favourite tools in doing so is a mold from, it is silicone and has 12 4oz cavities. That way I am able to make 8 oz test batches, which gives me two bars, and if anything goes wrong, I haven't wasted very much material. Hope your soaps turn out awesome!

  2. Thanks Erin! That's a great idea. I've been using Chobani yogurt cups as you can see (cheapskate!). I do hate to waste any ingredients. So far my hubby and I will use anything that's imperfect; he has succumbed to being my constant guinea pig. On the plus side he always smells wonderful. lol


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