Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The past few weeks...

I haven't posted in awhile!  We have been going, going, going for a couple of weeks now, but I want to share our highlights.  We went to Colorado over the holiday weekend to visit and hang out with the family of our daughter's boyfriend, and Cory had an elaborate scheme up his sleeve!   The proposal was at the gorgeous Broadmoor and was so special because he truly wanted us all there for the big moment - it was beautiful!  And Emily said yes - Yay!
So that was last week, then back to work for us all  :(

This weekend I did my first ever Farmer's Market and I made a decent profit for a first timer.  It's a small venue and thank goodness covered, because it got up to 95 degrees!  I had an unfortunate mishap when my sugar scrubs and some of my bath salts melted at the end of the day! Other than that it went very well and I really enjoyed it. 

I tend to over do the table decorations when I set up, so I tried very hard to keep it simple.  My husband found me a great little round table (free) and a perfect 3 tiered wire shelf (flea market).  I think it turned out nicely and I pulled off the simplified look (For me this really is simple!) I'm thinking about doing next weekend but I tend to recover slowly from the heat these days.  I admit I was rather grumpy today but trying to get over it. The babies spent the night last night and are here today while their parents try to get their kitchen painted - so it's a free for all right now and everyone is totally exhausted!  I'm thinking of having my own wine tasting this afternoon - lol!

Now we have another wedding to plan for next summer - I need to make and sell alot of soap people so I need some good juju on me!

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  1. AH that's so exciting, Angie! Congratulations to all. Love and soap, what a great combo!