Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Squeezing it all in

This week has been all about family, which is always a good thing.  Lots of reasons to get together.  But of course, I have a project deadline approaching and I am the Queen of Procrastination.  I'm creating a gift basket for a silent auction as part of a vendor/charity event I'll be doing at the winery.  Planning to include several soap bars (including a wine soap, of course), a painted wine glass, scented candle, lotion bar and body butter.   I've found an outstanding body butter base from New Directions (paraben free) that I customize with a few special additions - it always turns out beautifully.   I also like container candle making (soy wax), but sometimes have trouble getting them strong enough to suit me.  They can be tricky for me.  Do any of my blogging friends sell gift sets like this?  I think they're fun to put together, but wondered if you soapers also make candles?  I could use some tips.

I can tell I'm getting very tired because I feel like I'm babbling on and on and on and on..... so time for bed.  I haven't had much time to photograph the soap I've been making for a few weeks now.  It's on my to do list!  Night ya'll.

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