Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

Reorganized Supply Closet :)
My oh my how the time flies - it's really been over two months since my last post..!  November and December had me hoppin with holiday craft and sales events, not to mention the entire Christmas season's activities.  And as usual, I was sick in bed for a few days, too.  I'm just now catching my breath and starting to dream up some new soap ideas.  Today has been the first quiet day I've had at home in weeks, full of coveted unstructured time.  After finally getting the Christmas tree and decorations put away, I started a much needed revamp of my soap supply closet to make this small space more functional. Tomorrow I start on the curing room...it's a bit of a disaster, but it feels sooo good to get things in order and start fresh for the upcoming year.

I don't normally set New Year's resolutions for myself, but this year I've been inspired by Kenna of Modern Soapmaking.  She posted a wonderful example of her own planning methods and some seem manageable for me.  Being naturally a little scatter-brained, I can use any help I can get!  I did some research on her "bullet journal" (I actually watched the video and some others on Youtube!) and have made a really good start. I just bought a blank lined journal and am keeping it with me at all times.  I also have a smaller daily version I can use for notes and inspirations.  Honestly, it's helped me already in several ways, which encourages me to continue using it, and I'm really hoping to see some positive results. (Since I just ate a big piece of cheesecake, I guess New Year's dieting is off the table for now!)


  1. What??.. I don't know what you're talking about! (There's still some hidden room I saved just for you - xoxo) :)))

  2. Thanks for a leaving a comment on my blog which led me to discover yours! I am always happy to connect to another passionate soapmaker. :)

    Happy New Year! Glad to hear you are off to a good start! I do need to be more organized and better at planning! Haha! :)

    1. Hi there ! I am taking this time to apologize for not seeing this comment until a whole year and 8 months ago! Wow time flies and I feel like a heel for not seeing this! Blogging has not been a top priority for me this year, even soaping has taken a backseat to real life for sure. I'm getting back into it again, but wanted you to know I appreciate you commenting...I love your work as well! Have a really great day, and thanks again!