Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Hopelessly Devoted to Soaping

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gettin s#%t done

So life is kinda kicking me in the butt right now...the unexpected emotional  things that are tough for a family to deal with. (I'm doing a little venting here cause I know you my friends have all been there)   But real life keeps on flowing...demands of the necessary job and family responsibilities all on a collision coarse rocketing toward chaos!  That's what it feels like - so how does one work the additional demands of our soap busines successfully into the mix and stay on course?  I think I just need a little pep talk to get me closer to this:                     
                                      Other than massive sleep deprivation, can anyone offer some advice? 


  1. Hi Angie, hope you're doing better since you posted this. You're on my prayer list! The only thing other than prayer that has worked for me when under major stress is using the Emotional Freedom Technique. It's a tapping-talking technique that stops the negatives from taking root and causing us harm. They have lots of info and videos that instruct how. There are also wonderful men and women out there who can work with you to help with any issues either in person, on the phone or via SKYPE. Take some deep breaths, it'll be okay. Take care and God Bless!

    1. Hi Marla - Thanks for your sweet support! True to my character, I am always biting off more than I can chew. I can't seem to refrain from spreading myself too thin. The bane of being blessed with a big family its, of course someone always needs help, support, babysitters, somewhere to crash for the weekend, etc. But it's all good, and I'm going to do a little research on your technique...sounds like it certainly couldn't hurt!